Philippe Ceulen


Philippe is passionate about communities and technology.

Cambodia was his home for most of his professional life where he was actively building the startup ecosystem and running his co-working space, The 1961. He co-founded the travel tech startup WOW, worked with Airbnb to grow the Cambodian market and has been a volunteer with Techstars for several years. His current focus is data analytics and data science. He now lives in Brisbane where he incorporates all of his startup insights into the growth of our community at QUT Creative Enterprise Australia.
Philippe brings a unique and valuable background in supporting international startups from the ground up and is an on-hand-lifesaver when colleagues run aground while dabbling in the digital realms. He has implemented ERP solutions for multiple organisations – because of this he has developed an in-depth understanding of what is required to establish, maintain and leverage data and knowledge management platforms.