Marvin Fox


Marvin Fox champions the importance of enterprise skills growth and development.[\lead]
With a background in International Business, Marvin has built a career in business and education in China and Japan. He also worked in a role in marketing for UNSW in Sydney. Now in Brisbane, Marvin recently worked at the QUT Business School, where he facilitated the engagement of students through co-curricular activities that consolidate their skills in preparation to take on the future workforce. With his focus on social entrepreneurship, he was also the Faculty Advisor for Enactus QUT, a student association at QUT that runs social enterprise projects to make a sustainable difference in the community. After winning the national Enactus championships in Sydney, he took his team of students to represent Australia at the Enactus World Cup in Silicon Valley, USA.
Now at QUT CEA, Marvin helps deliver programs focusing on the quality and impact of the learning experience for creative entrepreneurs. He also runs his own photography business and is an Accredited Professional Photographer with the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers.