Brenda Ledger


Brenda is responsible for the day to day operations of CEA.

From greeting visitors and answering phone calls and emails through to booking boardrooms and managing maintenance calls, Brenda takes great pride in being the first smile you see when you come to our office.  If you need to find it or know about it Brenda is the one! She also assists the Finance and Operations Manager and is responsible for inputting daily invoices, managing monthly client monies, looking after the keys for the building and maintaining the electronic and paper filing systems for the business.

With a background in education, a Bachelor’s Degree in Linguistics and many years of putting her hand to whatever job needed doing, Brenda is resourceful, organised and thrives on being busy and helping others. Her kind and caring personality will make you feel welcome and a part of the CEA family from the first moment you walk in the door.

Her knowledge base stretches far and wide of Brisbane… Raising her family and traveling from Canada to the USA to New Zealand and finally settling in Australia in 2010 has meant that she has helped lots of businesses around the world and knows how to make your working life operate much more seamlessly across all the hours of the working week.