BOP Industries


BOP Industries is on a mission to make holographic projection technology easy to use and affordable for marketers, educators, and the general public. Our eye-catching hologram displays range from two-metre tall units capable of displaying a full-bodied person, to the size of a smartphone.

With people becoming desensitised to screens and posters, traditional advertising is becoming boring and ineffective, which is driving brands towards finding new and exciting ways to engage their customers.

BOP Industries is lead by a team of passionate young entrepreneurs who have designed and developed hologram displays tailored to specific industries. We provide brands with an in-house end-to-end service, working closely with them to produce an unforgettable experience for their guests.

Since launching, BOP Industries has seen its holograms used in campaigns and events across Australia. We are now uniquely positioned to infiltrate global markets for an extensive list of clients including brands like NEC and GHD.