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MUSHIFEST is the brainchild of Louise Evans, a former co-founder of winning team 'Shario' in the 2016 edition of Brisbane Startup Weekend Creative Tech. Mushifest creates songs and characters for children learning English as a second language. Mushifest's primary market is Japan. 'Mushi' means insect in Japanese, while 'fest' is short for festival.... More


MAKING TECHNOLOGY WEARABLE "Technology should be ubiquitous and invisible. You should only be aware of technology when it isn't a great application, a good execution, or if it fails you altogether," says Adative director Adam Capelin. Founded in 2012, Adative is an industrial design product consultancy that specializes in electronic products, wearable ... More


JAMMING SHARIO MUSIC began as a humble idea, forged from concept to business amid the frenzy of Australia’s first Startup Weekend for Creative Tech, hosted by Creative Enterprise Australia (CEA) in March 2016. “You should never underestimate what can get done on short notice if you apply yourself,” says co-founder and CEO, Ellen Hartwig. “S... More

Render House Studios

FULL RENDER AHEAD “By coming up with solutions, we help designers resolve whatever problems they might have. In that, I get to see the value in what we do, and hopefully find that I’ve added value to the actual design.” Before Render House Studios was a thought in his head, company founder and CEO, Troy Pearse, worked as an engineer for two ... More

Made You Look and Wonder Studio

DESIGNERS IN ARMS Wonder Studio and Made You Look are two Brisbane-based design studios supporting small to medium sized businesses. In the spirit of community, they are sharing an office space at CEA. “The design industry is constantly changing and adapting. To survive you need to evolve with it,” says Paul Fleming, director of Made You Look ... More

eLearn Australia

CEA is a hub of activity and is defined by the vibrant and creative businesses that make up our community. We do our best to cater to the individual needs of each business, whether they are large, small, or in-between. Some of our premium office spaces are shared by more than one business. eLearn Australia and Shortie Designs share a premium space on ... More


STILL IN THE GAME “Here at Smithsoft, our aim to is make beautiful, intelligent mobile games for all players,” says founder Sarah Smith. “We describe them as cute and funny, but dark,” says Sarah with a smile. Sarah Smith has been developing games since the 1990s and has turned her wealth of experience toward crafting mobile experiences.... More

Ruby Olive

“It’s all about putting smiles on people’s faces,” says Ruby Olive’s founder, Skye Anderton. Ruby Olive, formed in 2010, is named after Skye’s grandmother, who the company’s journey is dedicated to. “I started planning the company while in Africa, rapidly jotting notes down on this crappy piece of paper, and knew from the very start ... More

Tasha RUI

Can fashion enhance cultural awareness? Natasha Lewis Honeyman thinks so. With a Portuguese and Maori heritage and a nine-to-five job as a cultural worker, Natasha Lewis Honeyman is passionate about raising the bar of cultural awareness in Australia. For more than ten years she has also been a practicing artist and now with the launch of Tasha Rui, her ... More


With the launch of her label Rosalbah, Rosa Altadonna wants women to slow down and take better care of themselves. “As women, we are so good at taking care of everybody else,” she says. “But we are not so good when it comes to taking care of ourselves and finding time for us.” So what’s the best way to unwind? Pyjama days, says Rosa. She ... More