QUTCEA Brings The Real World To Students

On June 12, 2019 the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in partnership with QUT Creative Enterprise Australia (CEA) delivered a bootcamp in Kuala Lumpur for students from Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Aptly titled SwitchOn, the one-day experience has been designed by CEA to help students develop the mindset and tools used by the world’s brightest and most successful innovators and entrepreneurs. Students will learn how to use critical thinking and collaboration to generate new ideas.

Unlike education fairs which feature numerous exhibitors competing similarly for their share of voice, the bootcamp is an innovative initiative with QUT and CEA delivering the first of its kind in Australia and internationally – a real world experience in an engaging and thought-provoking environment.

The results were impressive, with concepts from online education and clean water tools to apps that regulate social media use and help learn a language; wearable technology to monitor depressive patients for changes in mood and translate disabled people’s thoughts into words; and a chip to store personal information.

“This is an incredibly exciting venture for CEA. To partner with QUT to deliver a hackathon for international students seeking entrepreneurial experiences and connections is a testament to QUT’s dedication to real world experiences. Students will be exposed to what it’s like to come up with an idea, build a business and pitch an opportunity, in the process they will gain an understanding of what innovative and entrepreneurial opportunities exist at QUT ”, said CEA CEO Mark Gustowski.

At home in Brisbane, CEA has been hosting a Work Integrated Learning program for current QUT students. Every year, over 800 Creative Industries students undertake internships with industry organisations both nationally and internationally, in order to gain valuable real world experience. The aim of the Work Integrated Learning (WIL) program, is to ensure that students develop the ability to integrate their learning through a combination of academic and work-related activities.

Today CEA welcomed, in another Australian first, student interns from QUT Business School and Creative Industries into its leading creative tech accelerator, Collider. “The interns will be supporting Collider Accelerator founders in their early stage of business development and growth. An exciting opportunity for QUT students to be immersed within the fast-paced and innovative environment of the Collider Accelerator Program,” said CEA CEO, Mark Gustowski.
The students will spend 100 hours working with the startups which will be credited towards their academic activity. The model has only been trialled in a few places globally.

It is another real world example of how CEA is contributing to student entrepreneurship and preparing students to quickly become productive members of the workforce.

Find out more about Collider Accelerator https://www.collideraccelerator.com/

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