2019 Fashion360 Designers | Lea Xu and Rebecca Crawford

The emerging Brisbane fashion label, Ulterior Uniform, is the brainchild of creative co-founders Lea Xu and Rebecca Crawford.

Both were ready to combine forces and utilise the knowledge and tools they had attained from a business degree and fashion studies at TAFE to create their own business.

Ulterior Uniform offers women in warmer climates new options for presenting and expressing their true selves, while maintaining their commitment to incorporating functionality, quality, and natural, breathable fibres.

The two designers grew up drawing inspiration from both street fashion and high art, and constantly seek to combine the aesthetic and whimsical with the functional and versatile, which they found were a reflection from demands in the market.

After graduating from TAFE, the designers entered their individual graduate collections into Brisbane Fashion Runway in 2017, and received acclaim from the public and industry figures alike. The confidence inspired the duo to introduce the amalgamation of their aesthetics which materialised in 2018 as Ulterior Uniform, the label.

This new collection was debuted at Brisbane Fashion Runway and RAW Brisbane OASIS, positioning their place as one of the most exciting and innovative emerging brands to watch for in 2019.

Find out  more about Ulterior Uniform www.ulterior-uniform.com

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