2019 Fashion360 Designer | Angus Martin

Angus is a commercial architectural photographer based in Brisbane.

After completing a Bachelor of Business (management) at QUT and later a Masters of Visual Arts (MAVA) at Queensland College of Arts (QCA) at Griffith University, he went on to work extensively throughout Australia and Asia for a diverse range of architecture firms and construction companies for over 10 years.

In Casey Jack 45, Angus draws inspiration from his extensive experience with architecture and design. Volume, line and proportionality are clashed with a whimsical use of block colour and pattern; both his creations and the brand exist at the intersection of modern minimalism and post modernism fragmentation.

The curated sets of pieces are of a refined high quality in both materials and design. Clean silhouettes mixed with expressive elements make them identifiably “CJ45”.

Casey Jack 45 is targeted for the stylish individual with a sense of humour, who is intelligent and creative.

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