Fashion360: It’s like no other Fashion Program, by Thuy Nguyen

Welcome to Fashion360, Creative Enterprise Australia’s Accelerator program dedicated to growing your fashion business…

Fashion360, as the 360 suggests, is a holistic approach to acquiring the vital knowledge and skills to manage all core components of a fashion business.  

What makes Fashion360 unique is the combination of peer-to-peer learning with mentoring by industry experts, as well as being able to integrate and align all the components required to run a compelling business. We do this through weekly workshops and masterclasses with 1:1 face to face sessions.

So what does that entail exactly?

We understand that for any creative, it can be quite daunting to look beyond the sketches and tangible creations and to translate them into a financially viable business.

Fashion360 will provide you with processes and procedures in selecting a business model suitable for your brand, guiding you through the legalities, financial planning and ensuring there is comprehensive research carried out in your target market including a competitor analysis. This approach will give you confidence when developing products to market. A huge focus also includes strong business pitching acumen – that is, to be able to tell and sell your concept and products to potential partners, investors and most importantly, customers.

Naturally, running a fashion business is not possible without the understanding of the processes involved in product development. Fashion360 provides you with a thorough insight into these aspects including introductions to production and development services. This knowledge will assist you to confidently source reliable production options for quality outcomes. 

We understand that the industry is fast evolving in the areas of technology, sales strategies and selling platforms. We also understand however, that without strong business and fashion foundations, the processes of adopting pathways to suit will likely just be a ‘stab in the dark’ with potentially huge financial consequences.

So if a Fashion business is something you are gravitating towards, or are currently looking to grow, I encourage you to apply for the Fashion360 program. On top of the fashion and business acumen you’ll gain, there are other benefits which include; opportunities to connect with fashion and business experts who have the potential to open doors nationally and internationally; hands-on support to keep you accountable to reach your milestones, 1:1 mentoring; co working with like- minded individuals; while working in the Stitch Lab, CEA’s fashion studio. As a member of CEA you will enjoy access to a broad creative network, and that’s not all. Fashio360 offers post-program support!

We are looking for early stage and emerging fashion founders with viable concepts. Applications will close on the 9th December – APPLY NOW!

Thuy is CEA’s Fashion Development Manager and pioneer of Fashion360. 

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