Stepping Up Her Start-up With SoilCyclers

Alison Price is the founder and Managing Director of SoilCyclers Pty Ltd – a mobile soil recycling and amelioration specialist for the construction, waste and mining industries.

While the business started as a means to give Alison’s husband and his former boss something to do, it has grown to become a full-scale operation with offices, a lot of specialised gear and staff who work on some of the largest projects in Queensland. Having undergone rapid growth in the last eight years, SoilCyclers are on track to become one of Australia’s largest soil recyclers, processing half a million cubic metres of soil in 2017.

With the launch of a new product, Alison decided it was time to bring an investor on board and ensure they could meet the expected demand. She successfully applied for a sponsored place at the Virgin Startup StepUp Program.

Alison joined 30 other business owners in London for the two-day program earlier this year and shared some insights from the experience.

What are some of the competitive advantages of your business, SoilCyclers?

By testing and ameliorating additives to existing site soil, SoilCyclers make quality topsoil for around half the price of imported topsoil. This also delivers huge environmental benefits such as diverting soil from landfill and minimising truck movements on roads.

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