Tech start-up sees Scott Millar become a teenage entrepreneur and CEO

Tech-head prodigy Scott Millar is being compared to a young Steve Jobs after turning a school project into a thriving business, becoming a CEO at the age of 17.

Scott founded BOP, Buy Our Product Industries, three years ago while in Year 9 as part of his business studies at Sheldon College on Brisbane’s bayside.

His first product was to create custom-made hashtag keyrings.

Fellow students were employed to help make the laser-cut keyrings and sell them at local markets.

The project taught him how to run a balance sheet, workflow and make a profit.

But being a whizz kid at creating holograms, Scott then started to dream big, and decided to develop his own holographic projection company.

It creates individual 3D displays for the Australian conference market.

Rental wise, they make anything from $30 to $2,000 per device, depending on the size and complexity of the holograms.

“We are making a profit which is fantastic,” he said.

“Dad was the initial investor injecting around $6,000 into the business.

“It is all paid back now and we are making a profit and reinvesting it.”

He has so far inspired more than 4,000 youngsters to think “entrepreneur” when it comes to picking a career.

He said it was a way to futureproof your job and your life while still at school.

“I want to encourage kids to show there are other avenues they can take after they graduate. It is not just university,” he said.

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Image courtesy of ABC News.

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