Gender-neutral clothing by Brisbane designer Evie Willsteed

EVIE Willsteed hopes her boundary-pushing designs will set her apart as one of Queensland’s brightest new fashion exports.

The 30-year-old Brisbane designer will tomorrow showcase her unisex and ungendered streetwear label Genkstacy, along with four other emerging designers who will show their collections to a panel of industry experts.

The showcase is part of the QUT Creative Enterprise Australia Fashion Accelerator program, which launched the careers of Gail Sorronda, Soot the label and Christie Milliner.

Despite dreaming of being a designer since she was a child, designing clothes for her dolls, Willsteed will only launch her label online this week, using the inheritance she received following her mother’s death from cancer.

“It’s something that both she and my dad would be really proud of,” said Willsteed, whose label is ethical, sustainable and ungendered.

“You spend a lot of time half talking yourself out of it but you realise if you want something to happen you have to just make it happen.

“I am all about people dressing in a way that suits them and is true to their personality.”

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