I Wear Ethical: Sustainable Tees, Love For The Earth

With a heavy, sweat-laden Brisbane summer drawing ever closer, there’s no doubt it’s time to start investing in breathable, stylish t-shirts to fend off heatstroke.

As we also approach the consumer-crazy season of Christmas, it’s important to be mindful of what is being bought, and keeping an eye on the ethical nature of a product. You should consider some questions every time you pick up a product: is it made with eco-friendly materials? Is it made under ethical and fair working circumstances? While a $10 shirt sounds ideal from a penny-pinching perspective, the cost is usually greater for the environment, and for those working in forced labouring conditions.

Thanks to I Wear Ethical, it’s now possible to wear a blend of comfortable and stylish t-shirts that also boast sustainability and eco-friendliness. I Wear Ethical’s proud owners Emma and Hesam have created a line of great looking, durable clothing: their shirts do no harm to the environment, their materials are organic and 100% natural and they are wonderfully soft on skin.

Emma and Hesam not only talk the eco-friendly talk, but they walk it too. Their mantra, “live more with less”, is  lived out in every aspect of their lives: having either sold or given away most of their clothes and possessions to charity, they live lightly with only enough stuff to fill three storage tubs of high quality and long lasting items. They are also professional house-sitters; they move from place to place with nothing but their storage tubs and a car, and have never been happier. 

Emma and Hesam are passionately against “fast” fashion: they believe clothes should be made with due care, excellent materials and with social justice in mind.

I Wear Ethical work from The Coterie and, in addition, they also run Peptree, an online wedding planning service! Have a look at their online shop to see their different styles, and to learn more about their journey up until now.


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