School’s In: Peppermint’s First Magazine School


Authenticity, working hard and keeping passion alive were the takeaway messages gifted to the eager students of Magazine School, the first of hopefully many inspirational events run by Peppermint Magazine. Peppermint editor Kelley Sheenan and her excellent team facilitated the day-long event last Sunday with an impressive list of guest speakers who shared stories of their highs, lows and unyielding passion for what they do.

It was amazing to see so many passionate, driven people in the same room sharing their histories, hopes and dreams for their future business ventures. Magazine School exists to facilitate learning about business, marketing and networking for emerging entrepreneurs eager to learn from the already-established speakers.

The students’ businesses were as varied as they were interesting: selling artisan furniture, sewing eco-friendly fashion, producing nuts on a macadamia farm and reimagining Converse shoes were just a handful of the different ventures undertaken. Everyone got the chance to speak out their exciting new businesses, and to encourage each other.

Peppermint have been running their eco-friendly and generally amazing magazine for the past seven years and have won plenty of awards reflecting this kind of dedication. Kelley opened Magazine School by telling the story of Peppermint, from the hard beginnings to the exhilarating successes they enjoy now.

The speakers also included an excellent list of passionate creatives including Maryann Talia Pau, creator of the One Million Stars to End Violence project, Rachel Burke of, photographer Mindi Cooke, food stylist Lyndel Miller, Chantelle Baxter of the incredibly inspiring charity One Girl and #doitinadress movement and, of course, the wonderfully dedicated Rebecca, Carody, Jodie and Zoe of the talented Peppermint team.

It also featured a mindfulness training session with clinical psychologist Cameron Aggs and a self-reflective exercise by Paul Fairweather of TedX and Idaes. All from different entrepreneurial backgrounds yet conveying one unifying message: to conduct meaningful businesses with honesty, authenticity and plenty of hard work.

The Coterie was the perfect space for such a meeting of minds: great ideas thrive on good collaboration – something The Coterie provides gladly and naturally as a vibrate coworking space. We can’t wait to attend the next Magazine School event to learn more about the wisdom of established entrepreneurs, and to meet more up-and-coming creative business owners.

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