Taking on the World at the Creative Business Cup

Project Tripod Share their Experience Representing Australia at the Creative Business Cup

Project Tripod share their experience representing Australia at the Creative Business Cup in Copenhagen including meeting Frederik, the Crown Prince of Denmark! We talked to Project Tripod Co-Founder, Jordan Knight, about his journey.
Q. Tell us about your journey to the Creative Business Cup
A. “As the winners of the People’s Choice award at the Creative3 Pitch breakfast, Project Tripod was selected to represent Australia at The Creative Business Cup in Denmark. From the minute we received the call to find out that we were invited to go to Copenhagen for the event we received amazing support from QUT Creative Enterprise Australia. They were there with us throughout the event.”
Q. What did you hope to get out of the Creative Business Cup? 
A. “For us, there was of course the extra level of validation that we hoped presenting our idea outside of Australia would bring.”
Q. Did going to the Creative Business Cup fulfill what you hoped to get out of it?
A. “We had the chance to meet and chat to such a wide range of international judges, investors and fellow creatives. The calibre of jury members that we were able to brainstorm with and get feedback, tips and suggestions from has helped us to further refine our idea. It was amazing to be one of the top 53 of over 4000 teams. What was surprising for us was the overwhelming local support we received. I have lost count of the number of people getting in touch just to wish us good luck! For our product and brand even just locally in Australia, it has been remarkable.”
Q. What opportunities do you think going to the Creative Business Cup opened up?
A. “It is still early days since the event, but we have a huge number of people to follow up in terms of international business connections, international press opportunities and potential investors. Watch this space!”
Q. Do you feel, for start-up companies, the competition is a good thing to get involved with?
A. “I think for creative based startups – it is a truly amazing opportunity! Get involved!”
Q. How did it feel to represent Australia for entrepreneurship on a global stage?
A “It was an honour. Shaking hands with the HRH, Frederik, the Crown Prince of Denmark, and presenting him with Australian toys for his four children will be something I never forget.”
Q. What do you think it was that gave Project Tripod the edge that won the people’s choice award at the Creative3 Pitch, which in turn allowed you to go to the Creative Business Cup in Denmark?
A. “In my opinion, we have the right people building the right idea at the right time. In our presentation we were able to show off our very cool technology because we have already built the proof of concept, we have very strong validation from our early customers and a clear plan to customer acquisition in a growing market. All of this together makes Project Tripod a startup to watch.”
Q. Looking back, how important do you feel the whole process has been for Project Tripod?
A. “I think it is too early to tell. But I think if you ask us to present the People choice award at next year’s Creative3 forum we should be able to share how it has impacted us.”
Q. What does the future hold for Project Tripod?
A. “We are in final testing rounds for our iPhone version with the Beta version scheduled for release before Christmas. Android will be available in the coming months after that. On the back of the momentum of Creative Business Cup we are expanding our tech team with the hope of completing our first release for construction in the New Year.”
Find out more about Project Tripod www.ProjectTripod.com

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