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Peppermint Magazine moved from a home office to The Coterie at QUT Creative Enterprise Australia

Peppermint Magazine have a permanent office in the QUT Creative Enterprise Australia co-working space, The Coterie. They recently moved to The Coterie after starting the magazine from a home office in 2008.  Peppermint Magazine Founder and Editor, Kelley Sheenan, shares her story about the publication and what life is like in The Coterie.
Q. Tell us about your publication, Peppermint.
A. “Peppermint is a magazine about sustainability, style and substance. We tell the stories of inspirational people and brands making a difference in Australia and around the world, focusing on eco and ethical fashion, food, health, beauty, design and lifestyle.”
Q. What is your vision for Peppermint for the next decade?
A. “At this stage we are so busy, I’m struggling to see past next week! But our vision is high and far; we are hoping to get greater distribution of Peppermint nationally and globally, to help change the face of fashion and to bring more heart and soul into our readers’ lives.”
Q. When did you move into QUT Creative Enterprise Australia’s co-working space, The Coterie? And why did you decide to join The Coterie?
A. “We moved into The Coterie about 2 months ago as we are starting to grow and it felt like an achievable step forward for our business. To be honest it was a nerve-wracking decision but I am so glad we took the leap.”
Q. Peppermint moved to The Coterie from a home office, how is being based in The Coterie different?
A. “There are no cats on our desks anymore! And I can’t do the laundry in my lunch break… seriously though, it’s been fabulous being out of my house and being around actual other people – there are so many creative and interesting businesses around us now, and it just feels great to be amongst it all.”
Q. What services do you utilise in The Coterie?
A. “We have one of the small side offices off the lounge of The Coterie, and use the co-sharing space when we have freelancers. The meeting rooms and shared spaces have also been great for when clients come in or having planning meetings.”
Q. Would you recommend working in The Coterie to other startups in the creative industries?
A. “We would definitely recommend it – and we do often! There is a great mix of creatives and other industries here, along with support for new businesses. It’s an easier stepping stone for a startup to look at renting just for a day or a week, and gets you out of the house (and the laundry in your lunch hour). Everyone here has been so friendly and Lee (The Coterie Community Catalyst) is always super helpful.”
Q. Has being based in The Coterie played a part in your business development since joining?
A. “The connections we have made so far have been invaluable, along with seminars and events we have been able to take part in, all of which have created new opportunities for us.”
Find out more about Peppermint Magazine PeppermintMag.com

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