Mark B Johnson


Mark is a dynamic leader with deep strategic, operational, and financial experience internationally.

Heavily involved in the bustling startup ecosystem of the San Francisco Bay Area, he is turning his attention to the creative industry in Australia. He has spent a lot of time in Sydney and Melbourne working with entrepreneurs and is committed to driving the growth of the creative economy across the Brisbane sector.

Mark’s impressive track record of building businesses has been underpinned by two decades of work in and with the venture capital community in Silicon Valley.

With experience from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies across the United States, Europe, and Asia Pacific, he brings with him an enviable global perspective on business, entrepreneurship, product development and commercialisation.

He is passionate about helping entrepreneurs scale companies from pre-funding stages through to IPO and/or acquisition using his extensive skills and knowledge drawn from his career history spanning operational, director and investor roles.

Mark was CEO of SkyPilot Networks (acquired by Trilliant) and an Associate Partner at Mobius Venture Capital (Softbank).

Prior to that, he directed product strategy at Preview Systems, and spent ten years at Apple in a succession of technical, marketing, and international management roles.