Isaac Holmyard


Isaac has come on board as our energetic Partnerships and Community Manager. He brings with him a unique understanding of co-working communities and the needs core to their development. His knowledge in this area is a result of many years working directly with entrepreneurs to embrace and propel their ideas. Isaac has helped startups by acting as a key influencer in bringing expert contacts together. He has also managed many high-level partner relationships and negotiations.

Isaac has been crucial to the development of the Brisbane co-working community. He previously worked as the Opportunities Manager for a major co-working company where he took pride in helping to improve access to finance and in creating new opportunities for startups where industry experts and researchers could all collaborate to turn ideas into commercial successes.

Adding to his community development background is a passion for building and sustaining impactful geographical communities. He has worked many years across the private and Government sectors.

Today he turns his attention towards growing our Coterie networks and nurturing the relationships of CEA’s partners.