Blue Sky Alternative Investments


Blue Sky is focused on investing in private markets in Australia. From 2006 to 2016, Blue Sky have invested in 44 companies where their investment has led to the creation of over 2,200 new jobs, supported the transition to higher value agriculture in Australia and built thousands of new homes.

Blue Sky have also helped thousands of everyday Australian investors get access to private markets and generated returns of 16.4%1 per annum compounding (net of fees) over this time.

Investing in private markets allows Blue Sky to take advantage of opportunities to create value inside private companies and projects that are not available in public markets. Investments in private markets tend to be long term, often held for at least three to five years, with a focus on building companies and projects. This emphasis on growth and productivity not only has the potential to generate higher returns for investors, but also creates more jobs. Within private markets, Blue Sky focus on investing in “the essentials” which we broadly think of as things people need not want. The reason for this focus is to try and ensure sustainable investment returns and value creation through economic cycles. Blue Sky have demonstrated this through their track record of investments in healthcare, retirement, education, technology, housing, food and water.