Advance Queensland


Advance Queensland is a comprehensive suite of programs, based on international evidence of ‘what works’, designed to create the knowledge-based jobs of the future.

The programs will drive innovation, build on our natural advantages, and help raise our profile as an attractive investment destination.

Advance Queensland will position Queensland as a place where entrepreneurs, industry, universities and government collaborate to turn great ideas into commercial products and businesses that create jobs.

Accelerating Advance Queensland includes investing $405 million over four years to create the knowledge-based jobs of the future:

The Advance Queensland initiative includes a series of programs designed to reinvigorate science and innovation to help create the well-paid, knowledge-based jobs of the future which will attract and retain world-class scientific and entrepreneurial talent.

Advance Queensland are building an environment where collaboration between industry and research bodies successfully translates ideas and research into commercial outcomes, new and growing business, and jobs. This will help to make Queensland a destination of choice for businesses looking to partner with industry savvy researchers.
Advance Queensland are boosting our entrepreneurial culture by improving access to finance, new business opportunities, and management support for startups and small to medium enterprises