If you’re looking to grow a business in the creative industries these CEA initiatives can help you:


> Fashion Accelerator

The CEA Fashion Accelerator helps start, connect, grow and scale early stage fashion ventures.

At CEA we know it can be tricky juggling the roles of both creative and entrepreneur. Which is why we work 1:1 with designers and fashion entrepreneurs to help them master the skills needed to maintain creativity and manage a successful fashion business. The Fashion Accelerator provides individual workspace, production support, fashion business mentoring and a range of master classes and workshops.

> CEA Business Hub

The CEA Business Hub hosts over 20 creative companies all at a key growth stage in their business development.

A variety of studio spaces and flexible lease arrangements are available for growing businesses in film, art, fashion, music, television, design and interactive media through. Adaptable workspaces consist of digital studios, media labs, design and post-production amenities, film and television studios, as well as conference facilities, business offices, suites, boardrooms and independent spaces.