Collider Accelerator frequently asked questions

Program related questions

  • What is Collider Accelerator?

    Collider is an intensive three month structured program, followed by two months of support. Over the first three months we provide a structured program designed for startups in creative tech. Each topic will be facilitated by a domain expert - often an experienced entrepreneur or subject matter expert led by the Entrepreneur in Residence, Alan Jones. Additionally throughout the three months, we will have accountability and mentoring sessions. As part of the accelerator you will receive an investment of $30,000 in exchange for 4% equity.

  • What will my company receive from the Collider program?

    By participating in Collider you will receive active ongoing support from the Collider team and program partners.
    This includes:
    + 12 weeks of structured content delivery.
    + Weekly accountability and pitch coaching.
    + Desk space for the duration of the program.
    + Connections to industry, partners, investors, and customers.
    + A week long immersion in Asia’s ecosystem.
    + $30,000 cash investment.

  • What are some of the topics that will be covered?

    Each week will focus on a specific topic. This includes customer discovery, growth, product development, sales, partnerships, international markets, and investment.

  • Where will Collider be held?

    Collider will be held in our dedicated accelerator space Coterie | 9. This is located on Level 6 of the Z9 building in the Creative Industries Precinct, Kelvin Grove.

  • Do we have to be in the space? Is it possible to work remotely?

    Collider is a three month full time program. It would be difficult to work remotely as you are required to attend core activities which include topic and weekly sessions. Outside of this time, there is an option to be located in the Coterie | 9 coworking space. However, founders often call Coterie | 9 home for the duration of the program to leverage the collective knowledge of other founders and ongoing mentors.

  • What happens at the end of the program?

    In week 12, the program culminates in a Demonstration Day. You will pitch to an esteemed panel of judges and an audience of partners, customers, investors and ecosystem supporters. At the end of the program, companies will be offered ongoing support to assist with execution.

Application & selection related questions

  • What sort of companies are you looking for?

    We are looking for early stage creative tech businesses who have the potential for global impact. We believe creative tech influences our lives every day; it is the intersection at which creativity meets technology. Check out Collider’s home page for examples of the verticals. If you are not sure if your venture is creative tech, feel free to contact the team.

  • What is the application process?

    If you are interested in Collider, the application process is simple:
    1. Create an account on the application platform YouNoodle. You’ll be able to go back to a partially completed form.
    2. Download and read the application guidelines.
    3. Complete the information about your company. Then invite team members to answer individual questions.
    4. Submit the form before 11:59pm 25 February 2018 (GMT+10 AEST).
    5. You should expect to hear back from us by 6 March 2018. If you have been shortlisted, you will be invited to attend a two-day selection bootcamp.
    6. Attend selection bootcamp over 19-20 March 2018. You will be notified within the week if you have been offered a place in Collider.

  • How is your selection criteria?

    Applications will be assessed by a panel consisting of Collider team members, stakeholders, and industry experts. Key criteria include your business model and opportunity, the uniqueness of your product or service and your team's ability to drive growth.

  • How many companies are you offering?

    We will be offering up to 11 placements for Collider 2018.

  • What stage does a company have to be to apply?

    We are looking for companies who have a minimum viable product (post-MVP). This indicates some level of product-market fit and will allow the company to make the most of an accelerator. However, if you are at an earlier stage, we still encourage you to have a chat with our team and/or apply.

  • Our company has been operating for a while. Is it worth applying?

    Although Collider is primarily is designed to assist companies at the MVP stage, those with existing customers and /users are also highly encouraged to apply. If you are unsure about how your company can benefit from the program with regards to its current stage, please contact us.

  • I’m a sole founder. Will I be accepted into this program?

    Yes, we understand that many creative tech businesses are started by solo founders. However, we encourage teams as it offers a diverse set of skills, adds another perspective and helps spread the workload.

  • As a QUT Creative Enterprise Australia program, do I have to be QUT alumni to apply?

    No, it is not a requirement for you to be a QUT affiliate (student, alumni, staff, etc.) to apply for Collider. We are looking for the best creative tech founders, wherever you are.

  • Do we need to be an Australian citizens to apply?

    No, it is not a requirement for you to be an Australian citizen to apply. However, you will to hold an appropriate work status/visa as a company director.

  • Can companies from outside of Queensland apply?

    To be eligible for Collider, the registered address of the company must be located in Queensland for the duration of the program. This does not need to be the same location as originally registered.

Investment related questions

  • Does it cost anything to participate in Collider?

    No, there are no out-of-pocket costs for companies to participate. However, companies must cover the cost of flights for the Asia Immersion component.

  • Our company has already received funding. Can we still apply?

    Yes, companies who have already received funding are welcome to apply. Further discussions will occur throughout the shortlisting period.

  • Are there any conditions to the investment?

    CEA will purchase 4% equity (shares) in return for AU$30,000 in cash funding and program participation. We have structured the investment documents based upon industry adopted practices relating to early stage ventures. An overview of the investment terms (Term Sheet) can be obtained below.

  • What does the investment process look like?

    1. Shortlisted companies will be asked to sign a Program Agreement at the end of the selection bootcamp to indicate your commitment.
    2. If offered a position, you will be asked to sign the investment term sheet.
    3. A tailored suite of Investment documents will be sent to the company to review.
    4. Companies will be invited to a document walk-through led by Collider’s legal partners.
    5. Once documents are signed, the investment amount will be deposited into company bank accounts.