Zero Blink


Just as their name suggests, engagement is what Zero Blink lives by.

“We want people to be absorbed by our projects,” says Creative Director, Lloyd Young.

Formed in 2012 by brothers Lloyd & Tyson, Zero Blink is a digital creative agency who craft engaging mobile apps and captivating motion graphics.

Zero Blink ensures transparency with their clients throughout the life cycle of each project. The overall idea is that the client is part of the creative process.

The scope of projects can vary widely with many of Zero Blink’s recent projects spanning anywhere from six weeks to six months.

Regardless of duration, they regularly update their clients every step of the way (removing the artist-veil-of-secrecy and inviting them to see the behind-the-scenes action).

“The door is always open for clients and collaborators,” says Tyson.

For the past two years, Zero Blink has been based out of Creative Enterprise Australia’s Business Hub and in that time has worked with many other companies in the building.

They have a keen interest in following the exciting projects that neighboring businesses are developing, often hearing of them at one or more of the many networking events CEA has to offer.

“We like to involve ourselves and do our bit to help build the community. We bring what everyone brings – a like-minded interest in creativity, technology and community,” says Lloyd.

Zero Blink offers clients a creative package, producing content that captivates and resonates with their intended audience.

“Not only do we want to be proud of the work, but we also want our clients to be proud with the final product, and the journey to get there. They should be able to go away with an excitement to show others,” says Lloyd.

“With my background in games and Tyson’s interest, we’re working on some of our own IP as well,” says Lloyd.

“It helps us win other projects too. It’s a bit of R&D. We get to have a bit of fun and it seems to pay off for our clients too,” says Tyson.

When you enter Zero Blink’s office, your attention is immediately drawn to the retro arcade gaming machine standing in the corner.

You smile as you’re reminded of your childhood (or last weekend) and the hours spent trying to get that top score.

It reminds us, and them, of why we do this – engage, educate, entertain and leave our mark on the world.