“WunderWalk is joining dots on maps that other apps cannot,” says company founder Kat McArthur.

Launched in 2014, WunderWalk is a free global travel app that allows users to easily find or make self-guided outings that are personalized to their tastes or recommended by locals. WunderWalk reviews hundreds of community ratings for users and just offers the best places so they can get on with their good time.

“It’s the first app that instantly combines dining, shopping, sightseeing, and entertainment preferences into one mapped route, pre-planning a few hours of free time into a maximised series of experiences” says Kat.

“WunderWalk users select their location, interests, and the activities they want to find and then let the app take over.”

Kat loves, and lives for, travelling and experiencing the world. The idea for WunderWalk was born when Kat found herself in Barcelona, without the budget for a guide and unable to experience the things she wanted to.

“After several apps didn’t help, I had to research everything individually and I imagined millions of travellers wasting time planning at the last minute when they should be out exploring new places right on their doorstep. Smart devices have empowered people to be independent but searching solutions yourself still burns precious free time as technologies are still evolving to meet new customer behaviours and needs.”

“I’ll never get that time back in Barcelona and I wanted to make a fast and personalised digital solution so that no one else would miss out on life-changing experiences,” Kat says.

“This year we exceeded over 500 WunderWalks available around the world for app users to find across dining, nightlife, sights, entertainment and retail.”

Kat is excited because the Wunderwalk team will soon be starting a new Tastemakers partner program in Brisbane after securing funding of the Creative Sparks Program, a joint initiative of Brisbane City Council and Arts Queensland, to help boost the city’s creative economy.

Kat joined CEA under the Adoptrapreneur Program in September 2015, but has been attending events since it first opened. Now switching to a Virtual membership, Kat is excited to continue her business relationship with CEA.

“CEA a great network for tech and creative industries,” say Kat.

“This space has a big mix of industries, so the culture is better in my view, and more gender balanced, than some other co-working spaces. As a female founder, I feel that this is important.”

Kat also believes that CEA benefits from being part of a university campus. And being close to the vibrant Creative Industries Precinct is definitely a plus.

“It has really good vibes, great creative interior design, and satisfying co-working as well as networking due to the considerate and energetic people who use the space,” say Kat.