TV Training Academy


“There is a greater need for individuals and business to present themselves on camera person-to-person, so we’ve established these training centres to train and create low-cost, high-frequency web videos.”

Recent studies have shown that sixty-four percent of Australians watch a second, smaller screen while watching TV.

TV Training Managing Director, Daniel Brierley, and the team at TV Training Academy believe that we need to target these personal, smaller devices.

“Our aim is to ensure that your business can communicate effectively with their target audience,” says Daniel.

“It doesn’t matter about looks or age, it’s about communicating your message in a trustworthy and effective way.”

The TV Training Academy is a subsidiary of the TV Training Academy Group LTD. Originally established on the PINEWOOD STUDIOS lot in 2002, it shares a rich history with some of cinema’s greatest icons, James Bond and Ellen Ripley.

Now operating in eight countries, it has offices in the UK, Malaysia, Africa, India, Melbourne, Sydney, the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

“Our initial purpose was to train people to become television presenters.”

“But because of the modern day transition to online video and social media, where anyone and everyone can easily put videos online, we’ve got to adapt and change.”

TV Training Academy continues to provide training to television presenters, media professionals, politicians, and civil servants.

When searching for a permanent Brisbane office, they wanted to find a creative space where they could work collaboratively with like-minded people.

CEA has not only met their criteria but also provided them with unique access to QUT and the services they offer.

TV Training Academy’s ability to adapt and turn obstacles into strengths is inspiring and has already had an impact on the CEA community.

A number of community members completing the TV Training Academy TV Presenter Taster Course and planning on completing the Small Business Course.

CEA’s Community Manager, Indy Tansy, tried this recently too:

As a continually evolving company, they are always on the lookout for new ventures.

In England, they have signed a deal with retail giant TESCO to provide in-house training videos, and programs, to improve customer service and interpersonal skills.

Daniel says that they are looking to do something similar in Australia.

“Companies need to be able to evolve and explore different options. It’s the only way to grow and survive.”