“Our company culture is underpinned by our core values — passion, innovation, responsive, collaboration and finally, no jerks,” says TrademarkVision’s COO, Cameron Mitchell.

Founded in 2011, by CEO Sandra Mau, TrademarkVision is a company dedicated to continuous learning and innovation.

“Everything we do is a step towards our company becoming the world’s leader in image recognition. Bigger than GOOGLE,” says Cameron.

“Our visual trademark search tool is the world’s first image recognition solution for trademark and brand professionals.”

 TrademarkVision’s software allows brand owners to check whether anyone is infringing on their design. The software can also be used to find out if a design is available.

“It is used worldwide to identify visually similar trademarks, and helps streamline the process of searching, monitoring and protecting registered trademarks,” says Cameron.

“Over 40 percent of trademarks are image-based and, until now, there was no effective way to search and compare.”

TrademarkVision is used across the globe by companies such as FACEBOOK and government bodies such as EUIPO and IP Australia.

“Three out of the four top Australian intellectual property law firms now use us, and we’ve recently secured a multimillion dollar deal with IP Australia to rebuild their IP rights search engines.”

“We’re thrilled to be recognised as one of Australia’s most innovative technologies, placing second in the 2016 SMART 100 awards,” says Cameron.

TrademarkVision was a finalist in QUT’s Creative Enterprise Australia’s Creative3 Pitch in 2013, and CEA decided to invest in the company through its Startup Fund in 2014.

“CEA saw potential in our simple, intuitive way of automating a complex and usually time-consuming process. We offered a solution to a global business problem,” says Cameron.

Having just moved into the CEA business hub, Cameron and his colleagues couldn’t be more excited about joining the community.

“Everyone is having fun and the space is more vibrant than the last office we were in.”

“Being part of something bigger than ourselves is special. Every business here is part of a community. A community that is always striving to be the best that they can be. Passion is infectious and it runs through the walls of this place,” says Cameron.

As part of CEA’s investment, CEO Anna Rooke sits on the TrademarkVision board.

“Having direct access to Anna is fantastic, she is a wealth of knowledge and is instrumental when it comes to strategic planning and guidance,” says Cameron.

“We feel as though everyday CEA will provide us with a new and meaningful experience.”