“We want to show that Australia isn’t just another mining site and that we do other interesting stuff,” writer/director Tony Walsh half-jokes.

Filled with camera gear, film editors working their magic, and white boards crammed with projects and ideas, it’s clear that the Stranger’s headquarters is a vibrant hub of activity.

Stranger is a collective of film makers and is a one-stop shop where a project can be nurtured from concept all the way through to final delivery.

Tony, the public face of the diverse film collective, scrolls through a clip of one of their latest projects.

“Our plan is to position Stranger so that it looks at emerging technologies, new ideas, and challenging concepts that ask engaging questions…”

The company also shines a light on creative industries and practitioners.

Currently, the Stranger team is made up of a writer/director, producer, editors, a motion graphics artist, and a cinematographer. When it needs to, the collective outsources work to a large network of freelancers.

“Yes, while we can all operate a camera, it takes ten thousand hours to get really good at something and we are lucky to have all these skill sets under one roof.”

Being together under one roof makes delivering collaborative business opportunities easier.

The collective formed while making their Screen Queensland funded short film, The Bus Knight, in 2013.

The film has since gone on to have a successful run at film festivals, and has screened on the ABC, as well as being released on its online platform ABC iView.

The Bus Knight is also where their company name comes from, with one of the principal characters in the film simply being called The Stranger.

Why CEA? While Tony jokes that it’s because they live close, it’s really because he believes that it’s a “… great platform for new creative businesses.”

Genevieve Larin, Strangers’s in-house producer, agrees and thinks it’s great to be part of a community of like-minded companies and to grow in such a creative environment.

For both Tony and Genevieve, it’s a natural progression to establish a base at CEA. Having studied, taught and worked for QUT, it feels like home and is “just right.”

While there are other media production companies in the building, Tony believes that Stranger, a smaller fish, helps fills a niche with a focus on creating web content.

Just as Clint Eastwood’s iconic Man with No Name changed the Western genre, this film collective is set to make waves and change the way web content is created.