“Here at Smithsoft, our aim to is make beautiful, intelligent mobile games for all players,” says founder Sarah Smith.

“We describe them as cute and funny, but dark,” says Sarah with a smile.

Sarah Smith has been developing games since the 1990s and has turned her wealth of experience toward crafting mobile experiences.

“The iPhone revolutionised the mobile space in 2007. It was a complete shift in what a mobile device was. Not just the touch screen. For the first time, all the function people wanted and needed were at their fingertips. Now there is a device in everyone’s pockets.”

“It’s a creative and high-tech market that I wanted to tap into,” says Sarah.

Space Bot Alpha, a game that Sarah built herself in eight months, helped put Smithsoft on the mobile gaming map in 2014. Now, just a few years later, the company has launched their latest and biggest game to date – Pandora’s Books.

Jane Dyson, Smithsoft’s marketing and production manager, says that the new game targets a mindset, rather than an age demographic.

“The game challenges people while being fun at the same time. Pandora’s Books is a beautifully crafted brain teaser,” says Jane.

“Through the game, we want to establish a personal connection with the player. Through interaction and engagement with our audience, we hope to build a community.”

Sarah agrees, and says that Smithsoft is not about creating one-play games.

“We want to be around for a long time. Constantly, in real time, we need to make sure that we give the players what they want. It’s how we want to succeed,” says Sarah.

A sense of community is one of the main reasons why Sarah chose to base Smithsoft at CEA.

“One of the biggest challenges when running a small, punchy, startup is that you can get isolated very quickly. Being in a co-working space allows you to talk and interact with different people,” says Sarah.

“CEA’s creative community suited us perfectly and it’s fantastic to be able to share ideas, brainstorm and problem solve with other dynamic businesses.”

Jane agrees, and says that it’s also refreshing to have the QUT student body so close by.

“The support here is great. It’s a beautiful place to be – calming and relaxing,” says Jane.