SHARIO MUSIC began as a humble idea, forged from concept to business amid the frenzy of Australia’s first Startup Weekend for Creative Tech, hosted by Creative Enterprise Australia (CEA) in March 2016.

“You should never underestimate what can get done on short notice if you apply yourself,” says co-founder and CEO, Ellen Hartwig.

“Shario was a community spirited app from the start, designed to bring musicians from all walks of life together.”

Dubbed the ‘Gumtree for Musos’, it allows musicians to trade, share or swap instruments and equipment.

Shario Music also provides a space where connections and networking opportunities among artists can take place.

“Instead of just posting their instrument up somewhere and selling it, they could be helping out a tour or helping an underprivileged kid learn to play music,” says Ellen.

“Shario have been a great addition to our CEA community in bringing fresh ideas and passion to enable musicians to monetise their gear,” says Creative Enterprise Australia’s CEO Anna Rooke.

“It’s great to see how a new team that formed over a 54 hour challenge have continued to innovate their plans.”

“Our goal is to enable create entrepreneurs realise their business ideas so it’s rewarding for us to see the team’s ongoing commitment to their startup,” says Anna.

Former Shario Music Chief Liaison Officer, and co-founder, Louise Evans agrees.

“Musicians haven’t been seeing the true potential in the ways in which they pass on their equipment. There is more value in using that instrument to build a connection and/or a working relationship.”

As part of their prize for winning the startup weekend, Shario is now working out of CEA’s coworking space, The Coterie.

“We love it. It’s a vibrant, creative space where you are surrounded by a unique collection of businesses and startups,” says Louise.

“Everyone seems willing to share their stories, time and are always keen to lend a helping hand. For Shario, this atmosphere is perfect.”