Render House Studios


“By coming up with solutions, we help designers resolve whatever problems they might have. In that, I get to see the value in what we do, and hopefully find that I’ve added value to the actual design.”

Before Render House Studios was a thought in his head, company founder and CEO, Troy Pearse, worked as an engineer for two years.

Despite disliking it, his work introduced him to architecture. Going on to work at an architectural studio for six years, Troy discovered a passion for 3D modelling.

“I caught the bug as they say. I worked overseas for a couple of visualisation studios doing 3D work. I came back in 2005, still working for offshore companies, but I soon set up Caustic Pictures, which grew from there,” says Troy.

“In 2015, because we wanted a fresh look, we rebranded as Render House Studios.”

With his company expanding and the employee numbers slowly climbing, Troy soon found he needed to upsize. Having operated out of co-working spaces in the past, Troy came to CEA in search of a larger office area in an environment with similar people.

“We moved here in 2008 when we found out there was a creative space available. We came over, checked it out, applied, and managed to get in.”

“We had a great little office upstairs. It was fantastic having all the other business and creative people around you, I think that community is probably the biggest benefit.”

Troy soon found that the community offered by CEA was an invaluable resource.

“CEA setup a one-year mentoring program, partnering small businesses with other business mentors. They connected me with Paul Fairweather.

As an architect, he is very familiar with our industry. He was great. We would catch up for coffee monthly. It was awesome to have someone with his experience as a sounding board.”

Troy has since continued his business relationship with Paul, helping to run the QUT Creative Enterprise Australia, (CEA) Founders Forum, which is an exclusive business development program designed for CEA client companies and alumni.

The program is designed to provide founders and/or managers with the opportunity and time to work on their business in a trusted peer-to-peer environment.

“I think that the Founders Forum is extremely useful. With such a diverse pool of thinkers, the Founders Roundtable helps to tackle and find resolutions to complex issues that might be a struggle within their businesses.”

Having that support and knowing that other people are going through similar issues, being able to talk to them and to hear their responses is, for Troy, an important advantage.