Q1 Design


How often do you check your phone? Bet you just got another message or Facebook update. How many screens are you usually staring at? Two? Three?

Observing how technology can keep us apart inspired Q1 Design to use hardware and software to bring people and digital content together.

“Our focus is on digital collaboration and pushing the technology envelope beyond imagination,” says Founder and Director Cuan Naidoo.

“Q1 Design are a team of industry innovators in interactive software development, computer, design and engineering. We make digital experiences you can use and we make them beautifully.”

Working along side Cuan is Business Development Manager Vikashni Prakash. Their team of innovators include Albert Tate (robotics and computer engineering), Kain Wong (web development and engineering, and Sheng Tao (interactive developer and designer).

The team at Q1 Design brings print to life in the form of smooth-running touch screens and interactive displays. They allow people to touch, explore, and experience the designs.

The large majority of Q1 Design’s clients are in the property development industry.

Gone are the days when you had to head to the bottom of a dusty building to see technical drawings and artist renderings. Clients aren’t just shown what the building is going to look like anymore. They are offered an immersive experience of what the property and project are going to be.

Q1 Design’s technology and solutions have been applied to a wide range industries, including state library museums, universities, large mining firms, and the automotive industry.

“We are always looking to push the boundaries,” says Cuan. “And our latest endeavours include working on changing the way off-plan property development is experienced, using the very latest in augmented reality technology.

“We are creating environments where the digital and real world co-exist together, and where building design coincides with reality.”

Q1 Design are also in the process of rolling out their software online, on a subscription basis, so that potential clients from diverse industries can experiment with and utilise Q1’s interactive displays.

The Q1 team was drawn to CEA because they wanted to be surrounded by creative people, in an environment that is friendly, open, and simply… ‘not boring’.

Recently, CEA hosted visiting entrepreneur Ben Sand — a specialist in VR, based in Silicon Valley. Cuan says that he took a keen interest in Q1 Design.

“Ben has provided us with invaluable advice and is currently assisting us with rising capital for expansion plans in the USA.”

Okay, you can pick up your phone now. But only to check out Q1 Design website and see their work for yourself.