Pixel Palace


“PIXEL PALACE is a small, but awesome, web design studio. We fit into the mould of being able to punch well above our weight, creating epic websites for epic companies,” says Business Manager Ryadan Jeavons.

Founded ten years ago by Jen Jeavons, PIXEL PALACE now has over one hundred clients, and is shifting from servicing small business, and start ups, to larger corporate entities.

“Our clients are now corporates who are invested in their website and business, committed to doing something that directly delivers to their target market,” says Ryadan.

By building websites with a creative edge, PIXEL PALACE helps clients push boundaries and get that bigger, more rewarding impact online.

If that isn’t enough, COFFEE BEANS DELIVERED is a sub-venture integrated with PIXEL PALACE. “We wanted to put money where our mouth is and prove our advice is right,” says Ryadan.

The lessons learned from operating COFFEE BEANS DELIVERED https://coffeebeansdelivered.com.au have strengthened the services, and understanding, PIXEL PALACE offers their clients.

“We’ve learned that we have been right about following the eCommerce best practices and that you do get the best results by structuring around what GOOGLE wants.”

Since January 2014, PIXEL PALACE has called CEA home.

“We love it here. It has a good vibe and our efficiency and productively has increased. It’s also good working together in one space, and not remotely. We don’t plan on leaving any time soon.”

PIXEL PALACE finds the networking opportunities at CEA invaluable.

“Being colzaborative with other businesses is easier when you are in the same building and not relying on ringing or Skype… Problem solving is much easier,” says Ryadan.

Ryadan says that the company has learnt from the various events that CEA puts on, and that they continually put these insights into practice.


Under the guidance of facilitator Paul Fairweather, a number of CEA businesses get together to discuss problems and obstacles they are facing.

“The FOUNDERS ROUNDTABLE has been invaluable to our business. Through the sheer power that diversity of thinking brings, we were able to resolve issues within our business that previously had stumped us,” says Ryadan.