Peach & Aubrey

Inspired by the magic of childhood, Melanie Taylor creates whimsical clothing for little girls.

In a turn of events that many designers dream of, Melanie Taylor started her label Peach & Aubrey from home and eventually found herself unable to keep up with demand. She would hand make every piece and her customers – called ‘Peachies’ – snapped up each new garment via Facebook spot sales in just minutes.

“Peach & Aubrey started off as a handmade label,” Melanie explains. “Being unable to keep up with demand for what I call ‘peachy goodness’, I’ve had to go into development and produce season releases and collections.”

Her pieces feature bright patterns, embellishment, and delicate florals in classic styles. The dainty designs and use of embellishment play into every little girl’s love of dress ups, as well as every mum’s love of practicality.

“Usually embellished garments for children are for special occasions,” Melanie explains. “What I like about my collection is that the pieces can be worn on any occasion. So they could be worn to the beach, for example, and that would be fine because they are wash and wear.”

Her first official collection, titled The Perfect Day, was developed during Melanie’s involvement in CEA’s Fashion Accelerator program. A spring range, it was inspired by the series of little moments that come together to create a perfect day.

Without taking part in the Fashion Accelerator program, Melanie admits that she wouldn’t have been able to develop the collection as quickly. Where her grasp of marketing and social media kick-started Peach & Aubrey, she explains that the program provided valuable insights into the business realities of running a label.

“This is exactly what I needed to do to put my brand into motion and make it something bigger,” she says. “Now I have a strategy for the year and goals to work towards, which I didn’t have before.”

Throughout the program, industry mentoring and practical workshops on development and scalability helped her to take Peach & Aubrey from a small-scale business to a label about to enter production.

“The program has educated me on what it takes to become a clothing label and the processes you need to go through.” she explains. “It’s definitely opened a lot of doors for me, particularly being featured in The Courier-Mail – I received a lot of attention after that.”

Following the release of The Perfect Day, production will start on a summer collection as well as a Christmas capsule range that will be stocked in boutiques. Over the coming year, Melanie is also planning to launch two new labels: Peachy Mumma and Peachy Boy.

With a new sense of confidence and direction after graduating from the Fashion Accelerator, she is also working towards her ultimate dream of a bricks-and-mortar home for Peach & Aubrey.

“My absolute goal is a Peach & Aubrey concept store, which is a shop that’s spilt in half,” she says excitedly. “Behind a big glass panel will be hand maidens sewing, so you can order the full collection or whatever you want, basically.”

Her dreams are now much bigger than her sewing machine at home and, with two little children and her Peachies to inspire and support her, Melanie is focused on taking the peachy spirit as far as she can.

“Peach is my favourite colour and I love how it also goes with happiness and being peachy.”