Made You Look and Wonder Studio


Wonder Studio and Made You Look are two Brisbane-based design studios supporting small to medium sized businesses. In the spirit of community, they are sharing an office space at CEA.

“The design industry is constantly changing and adapting. To survive you need to evolve with it,” says Paul Fleming, director of Made You Look Design.

“Although we deliver strong website design solutions, our services vary, and I often find myself adjusting to different clients’ needs.”

“I’m enjoying working for myself, being able to offer clients a service that only a small business can provide, working directly with them, one on one. In a bigger studio, they would talk to a salesperson, and then the work might be done by a junior designer,” says Paul.

Audra Heye, head creative, and head of brand and design company Wonder Studio, agrees.

“There’s something so special about working directly with clients. My focus is on helping them discover the strengths that make them unique, then packaging this to attract their ideal customers and deliver real value,” Audra explains.

“When finding someone to share an office with, it’s important to find someone who shares the same values,” says Paul.

“We are in the same place, working together, focusing on our strengths, and building our businesses, so that we can specialise in what we love.”

Audra couldn’t be happier about her move into CEA’s Business Hub.

“I had resolved to work around people more, and was looking to explore co-working spaces. Paul and I fell in love with the vibe of CEA, and before you know it, we were signing up for an office space.”

“Our aim is to be able to collaborate more, with each other, as well as with other companies in the building,” says Audra.

“The CEA BUILDING is a hub of activity that has an infectious, positive, creative vibe,” says Paul.

“It’s great being in a space like this. This kind of environment opens up opportunities to work with other people. We’re really excited to be here,” agrees Audra.

CEA is defined by the creative businesses that make up our community. Some of our premium office spaces are shared by more than one business. We do our utmost to cater to the needs of each business, large, small, or in-between.