Ludo Studio


“After just coming back from overseas…” says a jet-lagged Daley Pearson, “I like to think that Australia, particularly Queensland, is the best place to create and produce film, TV, and online content.”

Daley is a writer/director and one-third of the creative troupe at Ludo Studio.

“Teams here are so good. Locations are good. And this year Screen Queensland have kicked it up a gear with their support for the local industry it’s amazing to see it growing around us…”

In fact, it is because of Screen Queensland’s Enterprise Program that Ludo Studio has been able to establish a permanent Brisbane office.

LUDO is an award-winning creative studio that produces original and innovative formats across all platforms. Its founders created The Strange Calls, Beached Az, The Bondo Hipsters and Soul Mates.

#7DaysLater, one of the studio’s most recent projects, won an International EMMY. Yes, here’s proof.


This “ambitious interactive multi-platform comedy” is the brain child of Ludo’s three creators – Daley, Charlie Aspinwall and Nick Boshier.

Recently, Ludo Studio also won the innovation award at the second annual online video Australia awards for their animated web series, Doodles.

Ludo is also producing the social circle, Australia’s first multi-platform writers’ room. It will break down the walls of the television/film development process and allow viewers to be part of it.

“We’re trying to create ways that are more open to anyone along the experience spectrum,” say Daley.

“I think we’re a lot more open than a lot of (production) companies and definitely more accessible.”

Which, no doubt, plays into why they chose to base themselves out of CEA.

Charlie says that they liked “the idea of having other people around who are like-minded… We didn’t want to be stuck in an office in the city on our own.”

“It’s a creative community that has access to the university and new talent.”

“It (CEA) is a good water-cooler to start professional relationships,” adds Daley.

When talking to the Ludo team, it’s hard not to be caught up by their larger than life personalties, humour and big hearts.

Did we mention that they won an EMMY?