Like most great ideas, LOUVELLE began in the shower.

“Shower caps are one of the most embarrassing items a girl has to wear,” says founder SIMONE TAYLOR.

“Women need to protect their blowouts from steam in the shower, but we don’t need to look like cream puffs doing it.”

“I remember my husband and I laughing at how unflattering they are, and I thought that there has to be a shower cap that can look as chic as everything else in a girl’s wardrobe. When I couldn’t find one, I decided to create Louvelle.”

Louvelle’s turban-style showerwear is one of a kind. After only fifteen months, the company’s success is leading Simone to consider expanding into the American market.

“There’s nothing out there like it,” says Simone. “I want to get it out as far and wide to women around the world as possible before launching new products.”

Inspired by vintage glamour, Simone knew from the start that she wanted to design a sophisticated and fashion-forward turban-style shower cap.

Louvelle’s beautiful design, paired with classic colours and fun patterns, has banished the frumpiness long associated with traditional shower caps.

“Perhaps the biggest compliment has been women wearing them out of the house and asking me to create them without waterproof lining to wear as an accessory,” says Simone.

Before launching Louvelle, Simone’s experience with fashion design was limited. Undaunted, she followed the advice of another designer, and turned to CEA’s Fashion Accelerator to help make her bathroom brainchild a reality.

“The Fashion Accelerator has a great way of translating one’s vision, which is imperative for people with an idea but no pattern-making skills. I couldn’t have achieved what I have without the accelerator!”

Louvelle currently offers two designs, and is growing fast. Its turbans are stocked in a wide range of stores, and are also available online.

The company’s success is a testament to Simone’s entrepreneurial spirit.

“I’m a perfectionist so I will only do something if it’s truly fabulous,” says Simone.

“Today, thanks to the internet, things do happen quickly. And because it’s a unique idea, people have taken to it and responded very well.”

Whatever happens, Simone can be proud, having transformed the humble shower cap into something chic enough to leave the house in.