Like A Photon


Like A Photon (LAPC) is a television production company that specialises in children’s content.

They don’t just create content though, they love the process, and will do anything under the sun for kids.

“Innovative, creative and fun are the three words I’d use to describe us,” says Managing Director Kristen Souvlis.

“Our agility separates us. We can pick up a project and adapt it for the market… quickly and professionally.”

In 2014, LAPC produced content for the iconic kids’ program Sesame Street and became the first female Australian writers and producers for the channel.

Currently, they are in development on an adorable animated show called Balloon Barnyard. It is due to air on Disney Australia in 2016.

LAPC also has two kids’ series in development with Beyond Distribution.

Team Treehouse is a live action game show that pits two teams of kids against each other as they compete to create the best treehouse based on their favourite animals’ own homes.

Legendary is both a live action game show and an online game. It pits mythological creatures against each other to see who the ultimate master will be.

LAPC is in the process of transitioning into a digital platform company with the launch of Pixapops.

Pixapops is an immersive content platform that will engage kids with a diverse collection of books, games, and series. It will keep them active and learning.

Being part of QUT Creative Enterprises Australia (CEA) has played a large role in the development of Pixapops.

“They have provided great advice and expertise, helping to focus our energies,” says Kristen.

Kristen also enjoys working out of The Coterie, CEA’S co-working space. She feels it is a light, bright space, with a cohesive community that respects one another.

“You don’t get many other co-working spaces which have the variety of people (companies) here.”

LAPC fits well into the community, always approachable and open to working and sharing with other companies.