The team at Haystack don’t want you to be caught without a business card, ever again. Essentially a digital business card, their app allows you to share your information instantly.

“We’re building Haystack to be the go-to app for content sharing,” says co-founder and CEO Ran Heimann.

It also wants to make sure that your details are always current. by allowing you, or someone you know, to update your details.

These updates are then shared automatically with your contacts.

“The problem with outdated data is huge, and companies are usually faced to choose between having static information or getting updates but by proprietary.”

“Haystack solves this. Any device with internet will work with Haystack. So, a) it’s universal, b) it delivers updates.”

“In a way, we are crowdsourcing the business card. Our database remembers information that was shared and it knows how to contact you.”

For a company that only started in February 2014, in the back of an ice cream factory, Haystack has come a very long way, very quickly.

They opened publicly to Brisbane in  October 2014, and then in March 2015, they opened up to the English-speaking world. Now it’s open in sixty countries, in thirteen languages.

Much of the company’s growth has happened while they have been at CEA.

“We were looking for a professional space, some place more social; with like-minded people to interact with,” says Ran.

Haystack were the first clients to move into CEA’s coworking space in Brisbane, The Coterie.

“When we moved in it was a new space, a few weeks after The Coterie was ready. It was a leap of faith that it would become the vibrant space it has.”

Ran says he has personally shared a lot of advice with the business coming through, and in return, he has learnt a lot.

“In a way, we’ve helped shaped the type of people here. Passionate and hard-working.”

Haystack not only provides service to individuals but also assists companies by helping them more easily manage their CRM (Client Relation Management).