“Why the name ‘Gawky’? Martin and I are tall, gangly and have a gawky aspect to ourselves,” says Gawky co-founder David Ridley.

Gawky is a video production company that focusses on documentaries and corporates.

“It’s a partnership between Martin and I. We aim to make documentaries that are insightful character studies of people.”

“We’re not interested in convincing people what we think or telling our stories. We want to tell and show what people think, help tell their stories get out there,” says David.

David went to film school with Martin Ingle, and they both graduated from Griffith in 2011. Now housemates and business partners, the two are almost inseparable.

“Both of us share a curiosity about questioning why people are the way they are and do the things they do. After ‘Into The Middle Of Things’, we both have the ability to enter someone’s life, break down that invisible barrier, and ask them questions you wouldn’t normally be able to ask.”

‘Into the Middle of Things’ was an ambitious documentary project that took the pair across the country, interviewing people from all walks of life.

“We launched the series online in 2015 with forty episodes, each one featuring an interview with a different subject. It was really a defining project for us,” says David.

Recently, Gawky has been shortlisted by Screen Queensland and the ABC for a factual format intuitive.

“We’re currently developing Pillow Talk with them and hope to get it made. It’s a documentary about a professional sex therapist that works with young couples who are facing common

issues and miscommunications in their sexual relationships.”

Gawky is based out of CEA’s co-working space, the Coterie.

“We moved in December 2015. I was working at home, but found it difficult and not productive. CEA provided an opportunity to focus my attentions,” says David.

“Being part of The Coterie has helped develop my practice as a film-maker. I now have the mentality and practice of a professional.”

David says that he also learnt a lot from other businesses in the Coterie.

“We’re all trying to figure out this business stuff together, and have to offer each other. It’s amazing how one conversation, two metres away from your desk, can solve what could have been weeks of hassle,” says David.

Having access to CEA facilities has also helped Gawky.

“The space has given us the chance to find a home for a writers room that we’ve formed to develop a new television series. It is so much easier to bring everyone together.”