eLearn Australia

CEA is a hub of activity and is defined by the vibrant and creative businesses that make up our community.

We do our best to cater to the individual needs of each business, whether they are large, small, or in-between. Some of our premium office spaces are shared by more than one business.

eLearn Australia and Shortie Designs share a premium space on our third floor.

Sarah Bock, the director of eLearn Australia, has worked as a freelance elearning designer and developer for ten years.

“Last year, I was ready for a change and a new challenge, so I bought eLearn Australia from a colleague,” says Sarah.

“We are an e-learning development and design company. We take material, working providers, and turn it into online content.”

“What sets us apart is that we work hard to personalise and make the content as accessible and interesting as possible,” says Sarah.

eLearn Australia works with many health professionals.

“I like to think that we play an important role in helping to improve the training and education of medical staff. Our engaging presentations allow doctors, nurses and practitioners to do their training exercises online. This allows their face-to-face training days to be more practical and rewarding.”

Sarah has been with CEA for a few years and says that it is nice having other people around.

“I’ve grown here, transitioning from being a freelance sole trader to running a company. I love interacting with the community and look forward to collaborating more in the future,” says Sarah.

Sofia Woods, Creative Director of Shortie Designs, says that her company has also grown at CEA.

“Our projects have grown and so too has our team. There’s something unique about working in a space with other creatives,” says Sofia.

“Being in such a creative environment makes you more motivated and productive.”

Shortie Designs is a web design agency that specialises in WordPress for business, mobile and e-commerce website design.

“We design websites for medium-sized businesses and non-profits, focusing on user experience and providing creative web solutions for the client.”

“By putting the user first, we help businesses establish a healthy and prominent online presence,” says Sofia.

As a former dancer and circus performer, Sofia likes to keep busy.

“I teach design at QUT, volunteer at Brisbane Meetups, and organise Wordcamps. I love to share my love of design wherever there is a microphone.”