Have you heard of a ‘Buz’ near you? Yes, you read that correctly, Buz with one ‘z’. It’s a term used to describe a group fitness session listed on BUZVIL’s website and app. A ‘Buzer’ is a trainer, or gym owner, who posts a Buz.

But don’t worry if it all sounds a little bit odd at the moment. Come January 25th 2016, when BUZVIL officially launches in Brisbane, using these terms will become second nature.

Buzvil is a startup based out of CEA’s co-working space, THE COTERIE, and they are set to change how you exercise.

Thanks to their app, and website, people won’t have to worry about signing up to a costly gym membership and feeling guilty about never using it again.

Buzvil’s search engine will allow users to find the latest, and closest, Buz.

“Bootcamps, tough mudders, yoga, pilates, everything you could possibly think of that involves a group and is instructed by a professional,” says Marketing Manager Patrick Koehler.

It’s group fitness wherever and whenever suits you, and you only have to pay for the session you take.

“In addition, every month, if you attend seven Buzes, you’ll get the rest of the month for free.”

Buzvil is all about “… simplicity and usability.” They want you to be able to focus on the exercise, ensuring that it’s a fun and rewarding experience.

As part of this, Buzvil allows Buzers to manage all of their own sessions and post a Buz at any time.

Patrick is just one leg of the queen bee overseeing the Buzvil hive and he works closely with a team he considers to be close friends.

Rudy Yazdi is the company’s CEO and CTO. Francesco Gilbert is a personal trainer and handles Industry Relations. Amir, a data scientist and provides technical support and Pouya Ghadimi is the Product Manager.

Buzvil, an advocate of group fitness, has embraced the perks of operating in a co-working environment.

Always eager to help, learn and share knowledge, they thrive off the energy of the other companies working around them. Their own positive energy is infectious.

So keep an ear out for a Buz and join Buzvil’s hive.

“And remember,” jokes Patrick. “There is only one z.”