Alpha Digital


For some people, ‘digital marketing’ is like a futuristic alien space station, with thousands of different species running about, clashing, arguing, and vying to be heard.

Except on planet Earth everyone’s fighting to be at the top of Google.

“Alpha Digital drives success in a constantly changing digital universe,” says its founder, Matt Cooper.

The company began with Matt single-handedly working out of his lounge room and has grown exponentially over the past four years.

A full-service agency, Alpha Digital, specialises in search engine optimisation (SEO), pay per click advertising, website development, and social media marketing. They help businesses increase their online presence and reach their potential audience.

Servicing over ninety clients, Matt now works with a large dedicated team to ensure that they always do right by their customers.

“We’re very transparent to our clients… and will show what has been done.” A strictly ‘White Hat’ company, they do everything by Google’s guidelines.

This has helped Matt attract ethical employees who enjoy their work and will do whatever they can to look after their clients.

Chris Schimkat, Senior SEO Account Manager, says “It’s the best company culture I’ve ever experience, and the work pushes me to grow in a positive way.” and adds “I love working in an environment where my managers always have my back and see the value in investing in me. Plus, we’re always looking to improve, to stay ahead of the curve”

“The days are varied because it’s an agency with a huge range of clients. The upper management care about us and everyone’s work is appreciated.”

Since moving into CEA in 2012, Alpha Digital has grown “…from one desk, to two desks, to a small personal office, to a medium sized office and now the largest office in the building.”

Matt has embraced what CEA has to offer and is still pleased to work in a building filled with like-minded individuals.

His staff love working at CEA too.

“A lot of them are QUT students, so having a professional office so close to their campus is a huge advantage,” Matt says.

Many of Matt’s full-time staff started as casual employees and after graduating took up senior positions in Alpha Digital.

Matt does what he can to give back to the larger QUT community. He regularly finds and outsources freelance work to students so that they can train in the real world.

In a dog-eat-dog marketplace, Alpha Digital is a shining light, and proof that ethical work practices win out in the end.

Let them help you be heard.