Bumper for Girls | Develop your inner entrepreneur

Bumper for Girls is CEA’s proprietary pre-accelerator program focussed on the education of future female founders; equipping them with the knowledge, skills and tools to succeed in life.

Bumper is a series of workshops held over 6 weeks focussed on helping you find your inner entrepreneur. Workshops will uncover and teach you the core skills of successful entrepreneurs, founders, and leaders. We will demystify the world of startups and see how we can apply their innovative tools and culture to our own lives.

We will take you on a journey to discover the opportunities that life holds for all of us and equip you with the knowledge, skills and tools to confidently pursue your passion.

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Key dates

  • Applications: TBA.
  • Program Commencement: TBA
  • Program Concludes: TBA

Program features

  • 1. Your Inner Entrepreneur:
    The first session of the program starts with understanding yourself as a female founder and discovering your entrepreneurial attributes. We will explore your strengths and passions to assist in crafting your future.

  • 2. Your Resilient Self: 
    Resilience is our ability to bounce back to our ‘happy place’ after we hit a bump or pothole in life’s journey. Resilience is not a characteristic, or a passive quality, it’s an active process. Resilience in the workplace helps us better manage pressure, uncertainty and adversity. Developing resilience is a personal journey involving thoughts, behaviours and actions. .

  • 3. Ideation Workshop: 
    Ideation is the exploration of generating, developing, and communicating new ideas. In this session we will allow ourselves to be creative, look at problems worth solving, learn how to see and seize opportunities.

  • 4. Essential Skills for Female Founders and Leaders: 
    This session will cover essential management skills. At the beginning of the journey you are working with a very small team (or by yourself) and need to be juggling multiple jobs at the same time. As the company grows and you progress in your career, your role as a leader changes. How does this fit with the rest of your life?.

  • 5. I have the Knowledge, Skills and Network to do this ... 
    How will I take an idea, and build it into a business? From looking for team members, to finding money and managing risk - this session will analyse the step-by-step journey entrepreneurs go through at the very early stages of their endeavours. With a particular lense on sme of the challenges female founders can encounter and how to mitigate those risks.

  • 6. Culture: 
    A huge part of our day is spent with colleagues and managers. No matter the size of the company, its success depends in large part on cultural dynamics. Company culture can take hold quickly, for better or for worse, and greatly impacts your brand. Knowing how to develop a positive culture is important..