7 Music Tech Disruptors in Australia

No longer confined to the physical limitations of instrumental and audio devices, the field of music tech is concentrating less on the improvement of tangible objects and sound, and more on fast tracking the creative process and integrating tech to reimagine the way they work. With a surge of virtual reality, predictive intelligence and distribution platforms being integrated into everyday activities, those who want to keep pace with an ever evolving industry need to stay one step ahead.

Here are some of those who are leading the charge and changing the shape of music tech in Australia.

1.  Audience Republic

Jared Kristensen was an events promoter when he came up with the idea of Audience Republic, an online platform that promotes and drives the sale of concert tickets. After failing to sell out a music event he now admits was of esoteric taste, Jared realised the problem was not just his alone, but fraught throughout the industry.

With an approximate 85% of shows not reaching maximum ticket sales, the concept of an online SAAS (software as a service) platform that increased profits was immediately met with favourable reviews. Raising over half a million dollars in its first round of funding, Audience Republic has since delivered a 76% uplift in pre-registration events and over $2 million in what was originally lost revenue.

2. Popgun

Popgun is a Brisbane based artificial intelligence company specialising in musical deep learning. Their AI, affectionately named Alice, provides the perfect partnership for a musician in need of an ever present musical companion. Equipped to play along, predict and even improvise new progressions, Alice is only one small component of Popgun’s greater goal – to piece together an algorithm that can create chart topping hits. Though still in its infancy, Popgun was accepted as one of the startups into the world renowned Los Angeles based Techstars Music Accelerator – a highly competitive program where only 1% of applicants are successful.

3. Open Live

Open Live was created due to many artists receiving poor quality recordings after filming their live music events. An alternative to the high costs involved with professional production, Open Live provides artists with an affordable online distribution platform that allows them to produce better recordings of performances and the ability to schedule and create albums whilst still maintaining full creative control. The outcome is a live performance transformed into a recording in a few simple steps.

4. Muru Music

Created by producer and DJ Nicc Johnson, Muru Music is a patented technology that accurately identifies and labels songs. Similar to an expertly catalogued library, the idea of Muru arose after Johnson’s growing frustration with data mismanagement in music distribution platforms. Having frequently witnessed people’s patterns of music preference during his years as a DJ in Ibiza, Nicc created an algorithm that could accurately predict a user’s behaviour and provide suggestions through machine learning and AI techniques.

5.  GiggedIn

Created under the premise of solving problems for both music lovers and entertainers, GiggedIn helps under utilised venues to sell more seats. Their business model is similar to Audible’s subscription service where subscribers can access live music events from as little as $14.95 per month and roll over their credits. They have recently announced a partnership with Village Roadshow and expanded their offering to include movie tickets.

6. Audeara

It’s not often that a startup can crowdfund its entire goal within 24 hours of release but Audeara headphones has done just that last year. The product was created by two Brisbane doctors who sought to provide a better audio experience for people suffering from hearing loss. Tailored to meet an individual’s needs, the customisable headphones work with an app that tests the users hearing and adjusts the settings of each headphone accordingly.

With the proof of concept confirmed, Audeara successfully sold out its first production. A long list of people eagerly awaits the next release in 2018.

7.  Muzeek

Muzeek was created by a group of friends on a living room floor and took only six weeks to build before it was commercially viable. As a solution to the often complicated process involved with booking gigs, Muzeek is a multi-faceted platform that effortlessly handles the management of operations and the automation of manual tasks such as worksheets, contracts, and deal terms. Their website boasts that is currently being used across 15,480 events, worldwide.

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