Entrepreneur Ruth Stephensen develops startup Creatively Squared and wins plaudits


I’ve done it. I have started my own creative hub on Instagram. I’ve been looking for the perfect outlet to inspire myself and connect with other creatives, and there was nothing that quite fit the bill, so with a like-minded friend we just built one! I’ve named it Creatively Squared and it will be a community where passionate creatives from around the world can pack all their ideas into one little square and share it with each other.

Each week there will be a new creative challenge with a prompt to inspire participants (stylists, artists, designers, photographers, etc) to take an ordinary word and turn it into an extraordinary image.

MY TAKE OUT: The best ideas come from solving a problem you have, then testing to see if other people (or hopefully lots of other people) have the same problem.


The Creatively Squared community has grown so quickly and the calibre of entries coming in for our weekly challenges is incredible. This validates my idea that all types of people can create great content. If this is what creatives of the world do for fun, imagine what they could do if we were paying them?

I am approached by our first client, a woman who sells night lights and needs some new pictures to use for marketing. She tells me about exorbitant studio fees with additional charges for hiring each prop in the shoot.

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