Brisbane-based Gloria Dulcie’s move to onshore production

When Gloria Dulcie founder and designer Alexandra Coleborn describes her label, she says with affirmation that it’s a collection of quality pieces with a poetic touch. The brand, just clocking over two years in production, was inspired by over 10 years in fashion, art and design, as well as years of her travelling around the globe and a passion for slow living.

Growing up in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, Alex rode horses and immersed herself in art. It was there that she got to know and love a slow lifestyle, so it was only natural that her fashion sense would embody that.

After leaving school at the end of year 10, Alex completed a diploma in fashion and set off travelling around the globe, spending the majority of her time in Canada and eventually Bali where she started Gloria Dulcie. It wasn’t until she was there that she saw the opportunity to bring her label to life.

“Living in Bali gave me access to production so it wasn’t until then that I got serious about putting together the collections. That’s where the first two collections were produced, but it was always my intention to bring the production back to Australia.” Alex says.

She quickly realised that having the clothes made in a factory didn’t align with her values, saying that they made the clothes really cheaply and she found it hard to get a straight answer out of the factory manager as to how the clothes were made and how much the staff were paid.

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